You have found your way to LE Hooked On A Fly Site!
Here you find my very own thoughts about fly tying and fly fiishing,
preferably for trout and grayling. Well, of course I also carry  thougts from other, more well known, fly tyers. Nothing is new, really.
Most of the information on my site is about fishing in the northern parts of Sweden and Norway, but I think it can be valuable for fly fishing anyware in the world. At least I hope so.

Please follow the links to other parts of this site. Everything is not ready yet, though. Please be patient or let me know what you're missing. I'll be doing my best to serve you anyway. You can always mail me at flies@fishingflies.eu. You can also find a link to a site of mine with fly tying materials. It's mostly in Swedish, but I still hope to find you in my customers list. If you don't tie your own flies, you can of course buy them from me.

I would also appreaciate if you logged in and wrote a line or two in my forum about fly tying and fly fishing.

Flies for trout
Nymphs, pupas, wets, dries, streamers and so on...
Fly Tying  

Salmon and Sea Trout
Here you find hooked flies and tube flies that catch sea trout and salmon.
Special patterns
My very own - slightly innovative patterns.

News from the Tying Bench
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  About me
DiscoBead Green
Monarch Salmon Fly
LE Crippled Sedge
Now and then I create a new pattern. Sometimes it's just a variant of something I've seen, and sometimes it's my own creation.
Sometimes the flies are really good and catching.
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